Cover Copy

Cover copy is that seductive few paragraphs on the back of a book, a product description, or inside a dust jacket, meant to entice a customer or reader. Many creatives dislike writing their own cover copy, or need a little help to trim, tuck, and polish it. I happen to love doing both creating and polishing–and, due to popular demand, am offering both those services to fellow creatives now.

Cover Copy Surgery

You’ve got copy of your own, but it needs a little oomph? No problem! I’ll help you whip it into shape.

Price: $59.99USD
What you get: Once your payment has cleared, send me your cover copy in the approved format. We’ll do two edit rounds to shape it up. I’ll work in Track Changes so you can see exactly how I snip, tuck, and shape it. If it needs more than two edit rounds before you’re happy, I’ll provide work at a discounted rate ($45USD/hour) to be invoiced and paid once we finish.

Fresh Copy

Send me a two-page (max) synopsis of your book in the approved format, and I’ll craft cover copy to seduce readers into opening your opus. Since this is far more involved than surgery on already-written copy, I require a down payment and bill hourly.

Price: My usual rate is $75USD/hr; a $50USD nonrefundable down payment is required for me to begin work and the balance will be invoiced once the project is complete.

Interested? Fill out the form below to get on my waiting list! (If the form doesn’t show up for you, click here.)